It’s true that every successful venture started somewhere, somehow, but these businesses didn’t grow to be successful by chance or sheer will. No! Each Entrepreneur, each business owner had an idea, a plan, a marketing strategy; a narrowed down market niche and a long-term objective put in place before starting their online business.

If you’re looking to establish your business reputation and show up like the expert you genuinely are, then you should stay glued to this article because I’m going to be sharing some of my favorite tips to grow your online business fast (the same tips & strategies that have catapulted my own business).

So, at this point, what you should know or rather the questions you should be asking yourself are:

  1.   Why should a client or customer come to you?

The most relevant questions you will ever ask yourself as you work to establish your online authority is; why should your client/customer buy your services or products? Who are your real clients? What problem do you solve? Are you offering solutions to real-life problems, a transformation? or just throwing shots in the dark and hoping to make some extra money? If you know the type of business you’ve ventured into or you want to venture into then as an expert, you should have the answers available already and then HELP your clients out with your solution.

  1.   How established is your brand? (I’m not talking about your brand colors)

You may have a website and It may look beautiful, but that’s not the kind of brand I’m referring to.  Your business needs to have clear goals, and a precise mission to go with them. No one will trust your services or products if they don’t know what you are selling-how your product or service will help THEM. Showing up like an expert means having some form of consistency. It is tempting, but don’t try to be all things to all people.  Target your business and design your brand to a specific audience and a particular product/service. You’ve heard it before…the Riches are in the NICHES!

  1.   Do they see enough of you?

Marketing online is now easier and faster then ever, so get the word out and show up. Use social media, get in front of that video camera, teach something and make people aware that you exist. It doesn’t matter how you show up as long as you get some visibility in the market, chances are there are much more online businesses like yours, and so what makes you so different? How you show up, your experiences, your lessons, your stories, your awesome sauce.  Show up your way, focusing only on what will bring value to your business by providing value to your future clients.

  1.    Keep showing up like the EXPERT you are…Experts keep going

Like me, if you made the transition from having an offline business to starting and running an online business, then you know it DOES NOT happen in a day. It takes time, it takes perseverance, PATIENCE, and just because your strategy is not working within the first week of opening your business does not mean that you have failed. Show up like the expert you are, or just show up until they notice the expert you are. Growing your online biz requires that you be consistent with your message. Your clients & customers want to trust you, so give them a reason why they should.


It can happen fast, and it can happen easy, but have a strategy, have your mind right and keep an eye on showing up to be of service…Love on your followers, your audience, your future clients. Experts know themselves, they understand why they started their business, and they know how to get themselves noticed for their skills. Be that expert today and watch as your small business venture grows into something bigger than you imagined.

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