‘Live With Veronica – Episode 2’ – Create a CORE piece of content
With Theme/Topic related to Offer and Design your Marketing Content Strategy
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My 6-STEP recipe to creating a Value-Add post will help you stop from wondering what to say, so you STAND OUT! I even included one of my most popular posts for you to use as a guide & reference.

  • Create a core or pillar piece of content to share your message: to create it, there are a few decisions to make before you start creating it, this process will help to expedite your creation
    • FIRST: which platform or two will you show up in:
      • Blog, email, video, FB live, Written Value ADD Post
      • Which do you start with
    • NEXT: select which offer you’re driving your traffic towards
      • What is your destination
      • Paid or non paid event
    • THEN: select a theme or topic that directly relates to your offer/or event you’ll be inviting your audience to
      • Choose a topic or theme that will give you enough opportunity to share your message

NOW THAT YOU’VE chosen a SM Platform, Selected what your destination is and the theme topic you’l be focusing on

Keep watching the video to here more about the SEVERAL ELEMENTS YOUR CONTENT MUST HAVE.

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