Jump Start Strategy Session


Finding your passion is no easy feat, but hey—when you know, you just know. Or do you? Even once you’ve realized your passion for business, figuring out where to go next can be a massive challenge. 


You’re not alone, friend. In fact, without ever having spoken to you, I’m willing to bet you probably:


    • Wake up most mornings and head off to your corporate job, where you feel . . .fine. You know you deserve better than fine though. Your dream of running a successful consulting business is calling your name, but you’re worried about how you’d ever start to replace that corporate income. Your fear keeps you stuck.
    • Have a semi-clear picture of what running a successful consulting business might look like, but you’re foggy on a lot of the detailshow do taxes work when you’re self-employed, again? And don’t you need a website, 17 different social media pages, two assistants,  and a partridge in a pear tree just to get started? You spin your wheels, mismanage your time and resources, and often feel like you’re going nowhere fast.
    • Have a small pool of clients who love working with you, but you struggle to make enough money for all this work to be worth your time. Your rates and profit margins are both lower than they ought to be; the average number of hours you sleep each night is even lower.  You’re sick of trading hours for dollars, but you can’t quite see how to break that cycle.
    • Feel a complicated mix of embarrassment/pride/horror/excitement when someone asks you how business is going (Can other people hear how loud your heart is pounding??)
    • Feel super passionate about serving your audience and sharing your message, but you don’t know where the heck to start.

Did I guess right? No need to pretend you’ve got it all figured out—if starting or growing a business was easy, everyone would do it! 

You DO have what it takes, though. All you need is the dream and the drive . . . and maybe a little guidance from someone who’s been there a time or 200 (*cough* yours truly).

Are you ready to get unstuck, kick-start and work ON your CONSULTING business to start seeing results?


Once you hit that “Book Your Strategy Session” button, here’s what happens:


  1. Homework. Prior to our call, I’ll send you a questionnaire (don’t worry, it’s not crazy-long) that digs into your business goals and challenges. Among other questions, I’ll ask you to identify 2–3 specific issues you want to focus on during our call. I’ll review all your info beforehand so we can make the most of our time together.


  1. Your Session. Remember those 2–3 issues you picked out? (Of course you do, we literally just talked about them.) Your Strategy Session will be a deep dive into those topics (so choose thoughtfully). Each session is HIGHLY personalized, so each one looks a little different. The short version is, we’ll spend 45 minutes getting to the bottom of your unique needs and next-steps.


  1. No Need to Take Notes. I want you to be 100% mentally present during our session, so I’ll record our video call using ZOOM. Afterward, you’ll receive a copy of the audio and video recording that you can access at any time, now and forever.


  1. And . . . Action! You know I wouldn’t leave you hanging! After our call, I’ll send you a follow-up email recapping our session and detailing your checklist of next-steps, so you’ll know EXACTLY what you need to do to move forward.


Your investment for your 45-minute Jump Start Strategy Session is $247. You’ll get everything described above—perhaps more importantly, you’ll get out of the rut you’re in and off to the races. 



I created my Jump Start Strategy Session to help passionate professionals start, run, or scale a consulting business. How can we make that happen for you? Easy—it’s all about the plan.


When you hop into a Jump Start Strategy Session with me, we get down to business and figure out exactly where you are, where you want to be, and what steps you need to take to get there. These no-fluff sessions cut right to the heart of your goals and challenges—in under an hour, we’ll figure out what’s been holding you up or keeping you stuck and set you up with an action plan to carry you through the next few months.



“What I like best about working with Veronica is how she trains…clear and direct but with a fun and upbeat attitude. She knows her stuff and can explain things in a simple manner which I believe is a true tell sign of someone who knows what they’re doing.” 

Kim Kelley, CPA

Independent Accounting Consultant

“I really appreciate every minute we spend working together, and all the ways you support & assist me to get my empire up and running.  The progress is surreal and your recipe works. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your expertise and for your patience.”

Regina Reed

Virtual Assistant

Veronica, you are an EXCELLENT teacher and the attentiveness you offer by responding within the group on comments is just AWESOME! You really do care about the success of your participants. Thank you!”

Ilisa Millermoon

Soul Journey Guide

Veronica has high expectations of her clients but is also incredibly nurturing and encouraging.   So, when working on my ‘homework’, in addition to my day job, seemed overwhelming, her organized project plan helped me stay on track, and her “you can do it” attitude helped me keep trucking until I got it all done.”

Tisha Blackburn

Finance & Operations Consultant


Yep, sure did—I promise you, that’s all we need. You might feel like your problems would require months to work out, but let me tell you: I’ve been in the consulting business for decades. I’ve worked with everyone from solo dreamers with no gameplan, to Silicon Valley startups, to multi-million-dollar major corporations. There is no curveball you could throw me that I haven’t dealt with before.


Give me 45 minutes of honesty, clarity, and your undivided attention, and I’ll give you a clear, precise roadmap that WILL take you where you want to go. Period.


That’s where I come in.

I’ve helped businesses, from small Start-ups to multi-million dollar corporations, to grow in revenue and margin, all while setting up processes to handle the growth and be in compliance. Having built a successful offline consulting practice I found myself ready to expand, scale and grow my business.  I knew I had to grow my business ONLINE and that’s exactly what I did.

I can help you do the same.

This Entrepreneurial journey can be mentally, physically and spiritually exhausting. It can be paralyzing to the point of not doing anything, and fear and doubt can set in.

Believe me, I’ve been there, done that. I could write a book… In fact, I still might.

Throughout my Entrepreneurial career, I’ve experienced, accomplished, and learned a tremendous amount. These lessons have come in many forms and from many sources. When I was finally ready to venture from employee to consultant to ONLINE entrepreneur, I decided that I would take every opportunity to teach, share, train, and coach others who need the information and experience that I have gathered along the way.

“As an entrepreneur myself, I know what it takes to grow a business you love, while making an incredible living & helping a lot of people.”

I’m looking forward to working with you!

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