No one has time to be on the internet 24/7 to increase their online business visibility.  We’re all looking for ways to extend the life of the content we create and make it go further.

Today, let’s focus on one platform that helps us do that…FACEBOOK.

When I decided to expand my business to the ONLINE world in late 2015, I didn’t even have a Facebook account (I felt like I was the last hold out). Social Media, especially Facebook was a whole new world with a strange new language, but I was up for the challenge!

Fast forward a few years and not only do I LOVE social media, but I’ve built an engaged Facebook Group ‘Entrepreneurial Freedom’, Started and grown a FB Business Page to +6K and gained a following and clients from my own as well as other FB Groups.  

I’ve learned a few things along the way that I’d like to share with you.

Here are FOUR different ways you can share the content you create while making a great impression…this is a system/strategy you can replicate over and over again.


1. Create and publish ORIGINAL written content directly to Facebook. (publish it to your own FB group or 2-3 top FB Groups you’re active in). 

You can schedule it organically in your own FB Group, or you can use a social media posting app to schedule and publishyour post. I started with Buffer (free), then upgraded to MeetEdgar (paid).  However, the main thing is to be consistent with when you share your content, your message…BE and STAY visible.

2. Layout Matters: your written content should have key ELEMENTS to attract and connect with your Ideal Client (ICA).

Here are a few:

  • Image: Have a branded image with your headline to stop your audience from scrolling past your content
  • Headline: This can be in the form of a statement, question or even a power word: Make it eye-catching and get them to STOP scrolling past your post
  • Content: The content itself should contain a message, a story, and a lesson [short & sweet]
  • Call To Action (CTA): Don’t forget this! It’ll prompt engagement and keep the conversation going

3. Take that ONE piece of written content you created in step 1 and ‘UPCYCLE’ it by turning it into a Pre-recorded Video or a Facebook Live Stream.

You’ll share the same content but it will be delivered in a different format and you’ll reach the audience that prefers video to reading.  You already have the outline from your written content, now get busy creating that same message to deliver it and share it using different vehicles.

4. Create and publish a variety of content to prompt engagement.

(Your content topic/theme can be the same as in Step 1, you’ll just create that content using different social media platforms like Step 3).  

Here’s a short list of other SM platforms you can create your content in to keep things interesting and fresh:

  • Themed FB Lives: one per week and do a deeper dive on the topic
  • One (2) minute Pre-recorded video with ONE tip
  • Email your list with the content you created for FB and link back to the post or FB live
  • Write a Blog Post in greater detail with more examples (more stories)
  • Same written content but create 3 different images with 3 versions of the same headline
  • Create Instagram Images with teaser headlines to lead back to a FB Live or FB Post (link in Bio)
  • Create Twitter images/text with teaser headlines to lead back to a FB Live or FB Post
  • Give your Facebook Page some L-O-V-E.  Take some of your original content creation and schedule it to post on your page.
    •   Same content you’ve created for FB Groups but share it at different times on your FB Page
    •   Yes, schedule posts, create and schedule pre-recorded videos on your Page
    •   Consider doing a weekly FB Live from your page and then share that into other groups or link        back to the FB Live on your page in your blog or email you send to your list

Are you starting to get the picture that by creating a few pieces of original content you can exercise the power of repurposing, upcycling and recycling your content?  This will extend the life of your original content as well as increase the visibility of your business without you being online 24/7. Who has time for that?? YOU’VE GOT A BUSINESS TO RUN!

Before I wrap up, let me share a few BEST PRACTICES to make a great impression with your audience…especially those who engage with your content.

    • Respond to every comment in a timely manner. Get on a schedule for when you publish and when you’ll come back to check in and interact with your audience. You want your content to prompt engagement, so participate!  (I log in twice a day and spend 15 minutes connecting).
    • Be consistent with your message. If your focus is on health and wellness, don’t start sharing tips on best dog grooming techniques. Stay on point. Choose 2-3 pillar topics that will showcase your expertise and create original content around that!  [don’t get me started on talking about Marketing, Lead Generation, Selling and Processes….I could go on and on!]
    • Be consistent with when you show up and share content. Get on a schedule so that your audience knows you’re serious about your business and they can count on you showing up.
    • Brand your images to be recognizable (stand out to your audience).Your images should be a variety of versions of your brand. They should be consistent with color scheme, font selection and can include your name, picture or your business name. Be sure to make your content conversational and have a call to action that prompts engagement to keep the conversation going. This back and forth will build your relationships and improve the overall activity performance of your post.

So there you have it, now get busy creating, sharing, repurposing and show up like the EXPERT you are.  Let me know if you have questions, comments, share an experience, I’d love to hear from you.

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