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Podcast Episode 009 – 5 Ways to Silence Your Negative Self-Talk

by | Sep 25, 2018 | Podcast

Welcome to Episode #9 of The Pursuit of Online Entrepreneurship.

Often times WE are our worse bully. We would never put up with a ‘so called friend’ who says the types of things to us that we allow our inner critic to say to us. So what would you say to a friend who is mean, says hurtful things, rattles your confidence right before a big moment in your life or belittles a huge milestone you’ve just achieved?…I’m guessing she would not be around very long and would not be a close friend….so why are you allowing that bully in your head to have any say in your life?.

I’d like to share 5 ways you can exercise silencing your inner critic. These are all techniques I’ve used myself for my own critic as well as guided my clients to the exercises of quieting their negative self-talk.


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