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Podcast Episode 017 – 5 Types Of Facebook Groups You Should Join and Why

by | Nov 20, 2018 | Podcast

5 Types Of Facebook Groups You Should Join and Why

There’s definitely a strategy to joining the right FB Groups, the ones that can truly make an impact on your business. I’ve personally observed that it’s best to join groups where the host shows up often and there’s an active engaged community.

But, before we get too deep into why you should join these groups, let’s first go over the different types of FB Groups you should consider joining and why each type could be important in your business.

In Episode #16, I went over 9 Reasons Why You Should Consider Joining a FB Group as part of your business growth strategy.

But in today’s episode, we’ll talk about the different types of FB Groups there are, and how each type can help your business.

There are 5 types of Facebook groups I recommend joining to grow your business: (don’t gasp just yet, you don’t have to join all of them at once, it happens organically as you need them).

Alright, let me quickly review the 5 FB Groups and then we’ll get into more details for each one.

1. The FIRST type of FB Group to join: where your ideal clients are
2. Next, we have the FB Group where other entrepreneurs from different types of industries / with different experiences, hang out
3. The THIRD Groups you should join is your peers/associates from the same industry are in
4. Next, I recommend joining the type of software that comes with software / Resource you use to run your business and
5. Lastly if you invest in a course, program, or digital product that may include a FB Group Community, I highly recommend you join that group.

While that may seem like a lot, I’m not suggesting you join all of them at once nor am I suggesting you actively show up in each of them every day…let me explain, because I promise you, they each play a specific role in your business life.

Let’s start by drilling a little deeper into each type.

We’ll Start With

The FIRST Type of FB Group to Join: Go Where Your Ideal Clients Are

This is the type of FB Group where I want you to join and show off your expertise, connect with the community, provide value, engage by commenting on other people’s posts, give support, share your point of view, train the community on tips, tricks, hacks, best practices and show the community you care, and what you have to offer, who you help and how you help.

This type of FB Group is where you show up as an expert and focus on building relationships with the community so that when you have an event to invite them to or have something to sell, the community will be a lot more interested in what you’re offering because you’ve been part of the community, engaging and sharing valuable content.

This FB Group is the type that may be very valuable and profitable to your business if you show up with a strategy that starts with giving value, being of service and connecting to build relationships while strengthening your Know, Like & Trust Factor. (this is not the group where you go to ask questions in…remember, you want to be seen as an expert not as someone who has as many questions as your followers do, I’ll let you know where to go to get that type of support).

When I started to join FB Groups, this is the type of group I focused on joining first…oh and I also made mistakes by not totally following the rules and got kicked out of more than one group in the early days…but that’s ok, there were plenty more to join…In a future episode of this FB Group series, I’ll be going over how to research fb groups to join and what to look for when you’re considering joining, but in the beginning, not knowing what I didn’t know, I focused on showing up where my ideal clients were hanging out and I recommend you do the same.

Let’s Move on to the 2nd Type of FB Group

The FB Group Where Other Entrepreneurs From Different Types of Industries / With Different Experiences, Hang Out

You may think what’s the point? Well, when you join a FB Group community where there are other Entrepreneurs from different types of backgrounds, expertise, industries…there’s an opportunity for collaboration with someone who may have a complementary type of services you can each benefit from.

For example, if you’re a website designer who collaborates with a copywriter, the two of you could create a very powerful offering for someone who may need a website, sales page or webinar registration form designed with strong copy….could you see the possibility?

Not only that, but being part of a community with other like-minded business owners from different industries, would give you a safe space to show up and ask questions about how they handle this situation or that scenario, or how to deal with a difficult client, or how to word a specific type of communication, and so much more.

This type of FB Group could be powerful and valuable for your OWN personal and professional growth as you start to up-level your online business strategies.

You truly never know where an opportunity may show up.

Next, We Have a 3rd Type

You Should Join a FB Group Where Your Associates or Peers Are In… Entrepreneurs From The Same Industry

Don’t think about this as hanging out with competitors, but rather use this group as a place for community, support, encouragement, brainstorming, assistance, and collaboration. You may find your Biz Bestie in one of these groups, you may each have different strengths and compliment each other so beautifully that you’ll want to think of a way you can create something to offer to your joint communities and work together.

I met one of my biz besties in one of these types of groups and the way we got in each other’s radar is by reading what each other was commenting, or sharing with the community. We started to notice we had very similar backgrounds (both coming from corporate) and we also realized we were close in age as well as shared core values. It wasn’t long before we got on a Skype call to chat, and that’s where our friendship began which ultimately led to attending conferences together and also creating and selling a joint mentorship where each of our strengths complemented each other. I found a strong ally, collaborator and friend.

I wish the same for you, so keep your eyes open and don’t think of this as a community of competition, but rather a place where you can meet your future partners and friends…..I think about how some of the industry leaders today all met when they were starting out and how close they are to each other now…like Marie Forleo and Amy Porterfield, or James Wedmore with John Lee Dumas, or Pat Flynn with Amy Porterfield and John Lee Dumas and over the years, they’ve collaborated on various projects…that’s what can happen to you in these types of communities as well.

Moving on to FB group FOUR

I Recommend Joining FB Groups That Offer a Community to You When You Invest In or Purchase a Type of Service, Product, or Software You Use To Run Your Business.

For example, I use ConvertKit as my email service provider, well, CK offers a FB Group community and while they’re not in that group providing customer support, they do have a highly engaged community of other users as well as a representative from CK monitoring the group…this is where I would go to ask a quick question that other users will give an answer to or provide additional tips. At times, CK has even polled the community for feedback or features, given the community a heads up of features coming up or make announcements we need to know.

Other FB Groups like this are for Teachable like that host my course materials. ClickFunnels my funnel and landing pages service.

You get the picture…whatever service you use to run your business, check to see if they offer a FB Community and consider joining the group as a way to get additional support with using your new service.

And Last But Not Least, There’s the Fifth Type

If You Invest In a Course, Program, or Digital Product That May Include a FB Group Community, I Highly Recommend You Join That Group.

Typically when you invest in a Group Program, or Course of a certain value, the coach, trainer or course creator often offers a FB Group community as a bonus…I’ve even invested in a course that had a 30 day pop up FB Group which I thought was brilliant because it lit a fire in all of us to go through the material and implement because we knew we only had access to the course creator for 30 days…guess what? I logged in there almost every day to check in and ask my questions.

Group programs may deliver additional trainings or host group calls inside of a FB Group but what that community offers you on top of everything the creator covers, is a sense of community where you’re all going through the program together. “You can ask questions hear what others are going through, share tips, tricks and strategies and begin building relationships that may result in friendships, future collaborations and more…all while learning and implementing and getting support.” This type of FB Group comes with a paid product but I want you to really use these groups as a way to keep you accountable…you’ll get out of it, what you put into it so don’t waste this opportunity.

Here’s another example of how showing up in these types of FB Groups can lead to other opportunities…

I’m part of a FB group community that came with a group program that I invested in about 2 ½ years ago. While I invested when it was in Beta mode, I’ve seen the course/program creator launch it over and over again as she improved it. And each month I’d see a new batch of students join.

Well, about a year ago, I noticed this ONE member I knew from other communities including my own, and she started to show up daily and answer questions other students had. It was obvious she was implementing all the suggested strategies and having great results, she quickly established herself as someone who was helpful, added value and was a tremendous resource.

NEVER once, did she promote her services or offers and yet, members still sought her help and ultimately she also caught the eye of the program creator…leading to an invitation to be the ‘resident expert’ in her field of expertise but in another program of the course creator…there she found her audience, her tribe and her paying clients….but she first showed up in the FB Community as a student and as someone who wanted to help.

Can you see the opportunity here?

I’ve gotten so much value from Facebook groups and know that if you join a few of the recommended communities I’ve shared with you, you’ll be well supported in this online space you want to grow your business in.

In future Podcast episodes related to this FB Group series, I’ll walk you through how I search and select the FB Groups I join, I’ll go over what you should look for, what to consider and even talk about when you should leave a community.

We Covered a Lot During Today’s Episode. Let Me Do a Quick Recap of the 5 Different Types of FB Groups You Should Join

1.The FIRST type of FB Group to join: where your ideal clients are
2. Next we have the FB Group where other entrepreneurs from different types of industries / with different experiences, hang out
3. The third Groups you should join is your peers/associates from the same industry are in
4. Next, I recommend joining the type of software that comes with software / Resource you use to run your business and
5. Lastly if you invest in a course, program, or digital product that may include a FB Group Community, I highly recommend you join that group.

The topic of FB Groups is extensive and I’ve decided to break up the topics into various podcast episodes for a FB Group series.

In Upcoming Podcast Episodes, We’ll Talk About

How to research and join these FB Groups coming up in next week’s episode so be sure to subscribe to my Podcast to it’s automatically downloaded for you.

• How to introduce yourself in the groups and make a great first impression
• How To Get The Best Results From The Facebook Groups You Join
• When & Why You Should Create Your Own FB Group
• 9 Reasons To Join FB Groups As Part of Your Business Growth Strategy (episode #16)

So as you can see, we’ve got a lot more to talk about when it comes to Facebook groups as part of your online business growth strategy.

Now It’s Your Turn…

Let me know which type of FB Group will you focus on this week?

If you’re stuck, let me know how I can help. Leave me a note in the comments section.

Before we go, have you subscribed to my podcast yet? It takes less than a minute and future episodes will be automatically downloaded so you won’t miss any future episodes.

AND REMEMBER, imperfect action is always better than waiting until it’s perfect and never starting at all.

I thank you for showing up for me, for yourself, and for your business. Until next time,

Bye for now

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