The Pursuit of Online Entrepreneurship


Podcast Episode 015 -7 Misconceptions About Online Entrepreneurship

by | Nov 6, 2018 | Podcast

Welcome to Episode #15 The Pursuit of Online Entrepreneurship
Tell me if this sounds familiar, You’ve read the articles, you’ve attended webinars and workshops, heck you’ve even enrolled in group programs or hired a coach to help you launch your online business. You’re so excited, your mind is full of creative ideas and you’re feeling motivated to take action.
You’re so motivated and checking off those tasks on your to do list that you realize, it’s really happening, and it’s around this time, you also start to share what you’re working on with your inner circle. The task list is long and endless, but exciting. There are so many wonderful aspects about launching or growing a business online, but it does take quite a bit of work, resilience and much more, But you’re all in, you know this makes sense for you and the business you want to run and grow; however, you’re still far from launching or expanding your existing business online.
As you start to get serious about your action steps, it all starts to sounds intimidating and overwhelming. You’re reading to many social media posts, watching to many Facebook Live video trainings, attended to many webinars and heck, maybe even heard one to many podcast episodes that have left you feeling confused and spinning to the point where you don’t know what to believe as true, and what to let go of as a misconception.
This is exactly what I’ll be sharing with you today. 7 top misconceptions about starting or expanding your business online and what the truth about each one looks like.


1.You Can Start an Online Business for Free

2.You Can Only Start an Online Business With A Large Investment

3.Social Media is totally FREE and you can make a ton of money without paying for it

4.You can set up everything on auto pilot

5.You need a TON of money for an online advertising budget if you want to have a successful business

6.Online Entrepreneurship is Super Easy

7.Everyone’s a millionaire!

There will always be misconceptions about Online Entrepreneurship, which is why I’d like to see you continue doing your homework, do your own research, do not go by someone else’s hearsay. Stay on top of the latest information.

I can tell you that even in the last 3 years since I showed up online to expand my consulting practice, there are certain things that have changed, evolved and some have simply not happened.

Flexibility and awareness are key components in your entrepreneurship tool box.

I hope this episode will inspire you to keep taki action, move forward and learn to tell apart the myth from the truth.

Imperfect action is always better than waiting until it’s perfect and never starting at all.
I thank you for showing up for me, for yourself, and for your business.


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