What Type of Digital Course Should You Create?

Find Out Now With This Super-Fun Quiz!


Let me  know if this sounds familiar: You LOVE the idea of creating a digital course, but you . . .

. . . Aren’t confident in your course idea. (Erm, honestly, maybe you don’t even HAVE a course idea.)

. . . Have WAY to much on your plate. Your to-do list has become a TO-DON’T list. (If this sounds like you, pay extra close attention!)

. . . Don’t know the *first thing* about what type of course you’d create, how much you’d sell it for, or what you’d even teach. Also, the idea of dealing with the tech side of course creation is terrifying, period.

Here’s the thing: None of that matters. 

What matters is that you’ve got knowledge inside you that could benefit others—knowledge and skills that at least a handful of the 3+ BILLION people searching Google on a daily basis are actively looking for every. single. day. 

If you have a specific area of expertise (which you definitely do!), then creating your own digital course might not be as far-fetched as it sounds. After all, the world needs someone to spread all that knowledge around . . . Why couldn’t someone be you?

So, First Thing’s First: What Type of Course Makes Sense For You & Your Business?

Did you know there are six different types of digital courses? Crazy, right?! It makes sense though—depending on where you are with your business and what your goals are, your digital course will look pretty different.

Luckily, my friend Amy Porterfield is at it again! This time, she’s created a super fun (and quick, I swear!) interactive assessment that does the heavy lifting and answers the pressing question of what type of course makes sense for you.

CLICK HERE to take the quiz,

“What Type of Course Should I Create?”

This quiz is a fantastic resource because:

1) Who doesn’t love fun & educational internet quizzes? 

2) It gives you a clear breakdown on which of the 6 Types of Digital Courses makes sense for your unique business based on your growth goals and experience.

Does the Type of Course I Create Really Matter That Much?

Um, yes. A million times yes! And I should know—during my very first course launch, my BIGGEST mistake was choosing the wrong type of course.

Long story short, I went into my first digital course launch with a ton of enthusiasm and vision . . . However, I put all that passion into building a SIGNATURE COURSE.

Now, if you’re thinking that trying to create my Signature Course on my first go around in the digital course game was a little ambitious, you’d be right. It absolutely was. And I realized far too late that I really should have put my energy, effort, and resources into creating a solid STARTER COURSE first.

Thankfully, things turned out okay for me. I’d been nurturing my list for a long time and I put a TON of work into my launch, so I was able to sell out my group program and cover my launch expenses even with that mistake.

*However*, I look back at that whole experience knowing I could have done FAR better and saved myself a lot of headaches if I’d had a quiz like this to show me that a Starter Course made way more sense for my business (at the time) than a Signature Course. #LiveAndLearn

Let Me Save You Time, Money, & Frustration

This quiz seriously takes TWO MINUTES. If you have even a *flicker* of an *inkling* that *maybe* you might wanna create a Digital Course, it’s well worth your time to answer a few questions and figure out what kind of course makes sense for you before you spend hours brainstorming ideas about the wrong thing.

Whether you’re a complete beginner with a tiny audience or an experienced online business superstar—the answers to all your course creation questions await!  

I pinky promise you—creating a digital course has the power to completely transform your business and your life. That’s been 100% true for me! 

Take the What Type of Course Is Right for Me?  Quiz and watch that little flicker of an idea turn into something totally doable.

P.S. Love the idea of creating a course but literally have NO idea where to even start? Amy’s got a resource for that too! Her Digital Course Starter Kit is my favorite course creation resource out there, period. Right now, you can get it for FREE (thanks, Amy!), so you’d be kind of insane not to download it and check it out.  GRAB YOUR FREE  DIGITAL COURSE STARTER KIT HERE.

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