Showing up in Facebook Groups without any focus or intention will only lead you to feeling frustrated and like you’re wasting your time.  (I have first hand experience since this is exactly how I spent the first few months of my online experience-not quite sure of what I was doing, I got myself kicked out of a few FB Groups where I broke the rules (unknowingly of course)).

Instead, be intentional about how you’re going to show up right from the very beginning.  I want to help you avoid some of the mistakes I made.  So, HOW exactly do you show up the right way to establish your credibility and your expertise? (don’t worry, I’m going to share with you a few ways to do that).


Focus on building relationships, engage in conversation and share your expertise, your knowledge, and experiences.  Do this, and I promise you, you will begin to build and grow your know, like and trust factors with the community.

The way to showcase your expertise, while also building relationships and increasing your trust factors is by adding value to the community and its members. Answer questions, cheer them on, help them to celebrate, add words of encouragement, share tips, and best practices, give them a quick win in your area of expertise.  

Add value first and for quite a few weeks and I promise you, when you go and promote your product, services or programs, the community will be a lot more attentive to what you’re offering because you’ve added value while establishing your credibility and authority.


When you join a Facebook group, even if it’s your own and you start just promoting(selling), you will make a horrible first impression, you will not establish a fan base or loyal following and quite frankly, the community will just end up ignoring you.  

You need to establish authority in your area of expertise first. You need to establish credibility in your zone of genius and add value while being part of the new community.  Don’t just go into the new Facebook group you just joined and start promoting your services. You need to nurture your group and be part of your new community.


First be sure you’re crystal clear on the core foundation (your area of expertise/zone of genius/the things you want to be known for and ultimately promoting).  Before you start showing up online be clear on the topics you want to be known as an expert in.

In order to add value in any Facebook group including your own,  make sure that you are clear about who is your ideal client.  Who has the problem that you solve, the one you are trying to help and the one you want to attract.

And then there’s having clarity of message.  What are your core areas of expertise that you want to make sure the community know you’re an expert in. When you have a consistent area(topic) you’re an authority in, the group will know you as to ‘go to expert’, remember your name and refer to you for expert guidance and advice on that very topic you’ve established your expertise in.

This is exactly how I started to get a great reputation in the beginning, way before I started my own FB Group ‘Entrepreneurial Freedom’.  I was know as the ‘BizTip’ lady.  I would create these quick video tutorials and share them in the FB Group communities where I was a member of.  I would read the member’s question and then create a tutorial to not only answer her question, but to share with the others.  I was able to share that same 2-3 minute video tutorial in many FB Groups including my own when I started.

If you consistently nurture the community by showing up and speaking about the same core topics, they will see you as the expert and authority in that area.

Consistency doesn’t mean you need to show up every single day.  It means whatever your schedule will allow, stick to. Your audience will begin to count on you showing up for them.  But if you just come by once in a blue moon, well, you’ll get a reputation for that as well (not good).

By the way, consistency also means stick to your core messages and your themes.  Don’t start sharing value about something completely unrelated to your core business topics, it will confuse your audience quickly.  I mean, how would you feel if for months I spoke about Lead Generation & Sales and all of a sudden I started sharing tips to potty train your puppy…confusing right? Right!

Consistency = what do you stand for.  Can your people count on you? Are you reliable? The answers to this should be clear.

Establish your credibility and your authority. Build your Know, Like & Trust factors. Build your relationships quickly in order to then start adding value and then promote your services.  Establish your expertise and solidify your credibility with your stories, tips, and experience. This way you can take your potential ideal clients on a journey and ultimately sell your valuable services..,

You can’t just start selling cold to a community that you are not nurturing, whether it’s your own community or a new Facebook group community that you’ve joined.

There are no shortcuts, you have to show up, be consistent with your message and be a true member of the community where you’re trying to sell your products and services.

I’m Veronica Sagastume, I’ll see you on my next blog.

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