Let me ask you this…

Are you ready to make money with your experience by becoming a consultant?

But you’re just not sure how to start or what next steps to take?

I can help!

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✔You’ve been stuck trading dollars for hours for too long now, frustrated at your lack of growth

✔You don’t just want a growth spurt, you want consistent growth that doesn’t require you to feel frazzled or overworked in the process

✔You’re too busy focused on #AllTheWrongThings, your ‘To-do’ list has grown a mile long and you don’t know what ‘TO DO’ about it.

✔You already have a successful ‘offline’ in-person local CONSULTING business and want to SCALE, but don’t know where to start?

Been there. Done that. I can help.

Hi there, I’m Veronica L. Sagastume. You can call me V—my clients usually do on day one. I help professionals and full-time consultants throw-out feelings of frustration, overwhelm and confusion, launch, run and scale their consulting business, while also transition to the online space, and earn more by doing less (no, but seriously!)

In late 2010, I was craving flexibility, creative freedom and building something of my own, so I launched and grew my own CFO consulting practice (a client-facing, offline, brick & mortar type), serving clients across San Francisco and Silicon Valley; however, in the process, I also hit a few limitations like we consultants often do and with a full roster of clients, I could not scale with the business model I’d build.

That’s when I expanded my consulting practice to the online space to leverage a new audience and create more ways to provide a variety of services (not all dependent on just me trading hours for dollars),  and I went from having built a highly STRESSFUL business I didn’t LOVE, to re-designing a business I absolutely L-O-V-E!.

Enter: Complete Burnout (does it sound familiar?)

THE BEGINNING: While building my Consulting practice was my goal, in the beginning of my business, I didn’t do a great job setting boundaries, communicating expectations or managing my time (I overbooked and overworked myself for fear of not knowing where my next client was coming from).

All my clients had similar deadlines which resulted in sleepless nights, working weekends and missed holidays.  My consulting clients acted more like individual bosses instead of clients. I felt like I had to SAY YES to everything for fear of losing a client or not having a stellar reputation. (sound familiar?)

This was not the business I set out to build or wanted.

I knew that I needed to change my business model and leverage my time and experience by introducing systems, automation, virtual staff, repackaging the service offers, and ultimately transitioning to the online world to truly scale my business.

I knew that with systems, a virtual team and being online I could reach more people, have a larger impact, and scale my business, make more money, while working less.

I’m guessing one (or all!) of the elements of my story resonate with yours…

Whether you come from the professional workplace thinking about becoming a consultant or already have your successful offline consulting business, you’re wondering if ‘there’s a better way’ then trading hours for dollars.  You’re just certain there’s a better way to grow your consulting business without the burnout, I’d love to do for you what I’ve done for others—and myself!

When I first started BizFit Coaching (BFC), I thought the same strategies I’d used to attract help my previous employers’ launch and scale their businesses, would work to attract my clients both offline and online to launch and scale my consulting practice…I WAS WRONG!

I’d experienced success in my professional career and my offline consulting practice, so I felt confident that I could figure it out on my own and start seeing the same type of results when I was ready to expand with my consulting practice online using social media, I was naive and quickly realized, there was a new way of doing things.

I quickly learned the 3 STRATEGIES necessary to show up, get found, get known, and get paid:

  • I got busy identifying who was my IDEAL CLIENT online, and where they were hanging out

  • I quickly became familiar with the type of CONTENT that would attract & connect with my ideal client & started to build relationships

  • By CONSISTENTLY showing up (the right way), I gained my ideal client’s trust while showing my expertise

It didn’t take long to transition my business from offline to online, AND GROW IT TO 6 FIGURES.

But, it did require a process, strategy, and roadmap to identify where to spend my time to get the biggest return, what tasks to focus on and in what order to get the fastest results. I had to learn a whole new way of SHOWING UP online—allowing myself to be seen as an expert and connect with my ideal clients, while also learning a new way of doing business. I quickly developed proven strategies and built my Biz Tool Box, which I now want to share with you.

I know time is crucial to making this transition fast and efficient. That’s why today, I help professional consultants, freelancers & coaches (and other service based business owners) grow their businesses online using all the strategies, processes, tools, automation and tips I personally used to grow my business online FAST!

Here’s the crazy thing—

especially if you’re feeling frustrated and overwhelmed right now—with a combination of passion, preparation, and the right mindset(yes I set it, you’ve got to have your mind right to pursue this ONLINE entrepreneurship journey), scaling your business online can be the most fun you’ll ever have. It’s possible to grow the business of your dreams with the freedom and flexibility to make it what you want it to be . . .  on YOUR terms.

Credentials + Experience

✓ 20+ years as a Corporate Executive in Accounting, Finance & Business Operations working with Startups and Emerging Growth companies in the Silicon Valley

✓ In the past 9 years, I’ve built a very successful consulting practice as a Business Consultant for some exciting & booming companies in Silicon Valley. My clients’ industries have ranged from professional services to software to manufacturing drones. But regardless of industry, each client has the same set of goals: To grow in revenue, increase gross margin performance, and build the infrastructures to handle that massive growth.


✓ Kespry Inc  (valued at $26M in ’16)

✓ Wheelz Inc (Equity funding $15.7M in ‘12; acquired by Turo.com in ‘13)

✓ Fireclay Tile Inc (grown to 90 + employees)

✓ TapResearch (raised $1M in Series A)

✓ Launched my Biz Coaching practice in 2015

✓ Fully booked with 1:1 clients, sold out my group programs and have helped hundreds of community members to learn to show up and get visible with a strategy & focus

✓ Didn’t even have a FB account until Dec 2015, in less than 8 months grew FB Group community to over 2K

✓ Published in the YFS Magazine and Huffington Post (soon to come Thrive Global)

✓ Hired my own 1:1 Biz & Marketing coach in 2015, completed 12-Week Clarity, Clients & Cash (CCC) course by Rebecca T. Dicksen and many other courses to scale my own business.


> I love binge watching The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and The Ozark. (That’s what I’ll admit to publicly, but what I REALLY love to watch is, “Say Yes To The Dress,” shhhhh!)

> My top 5 FAV movies of ALL time, in no particular order: Jaws, Silence of the Lambs, Good Fellas, Saturday Night Fever and Dirty Dancing (don’t judge, I love these movies!)

> While I like Starbucks Coffee, I really love Dunkin Donuts coffee because it reminds me of getting coffee and donuts with my Grandpa on Mission Street in San Francisco

> I met the love of my life on Match.com 14 years ago; He’s a SCIENTIST who loves to cook and take a ton of pictures of our 4 legged princess Coco. Erik is a fantastic man!

> My Grandmother Laura (my original life coach), will ALWAYS be the light of my life!

You’re Not Alone and Don’t Have To Do This Alone. I Can Help.

Are you ready?

I’d love to contribute to and be part of your journey. When you reach success after working with me, you better believe I’ll be one of your strongest supporters. Are you ready to walk the walk, take the leap, and engage in growing your business online?

If you ARE ready, then, let’s do this!

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