Before you start showing up online, sharing your expertise, wanting to provide value (“whatever that looks like for you”), you want to make sure that you are super clear on three things-  


  1. Who do you help a.k.a. Who is your Ideal Client?

One of your core foundations of course is knowing who is your Ideal Client. Do you have a crystal clear idea of who it is that you want to connect with? Who is it that you want to attract? Who is it that you want to help with the solution that you recommend and offer? And so that’s the very first thing. If you’re not clear on who it is that you’re talking to? Who it is that you want to reach? Then step back and take a little bit of time in order to get clear on that first step, okay? okay! 

Tip: Often, our ideal client is an earlier version of ourselves.  I know that was the case for me. I was looking to help entrepreneurs who were making the transition from having an offline (client facing) service based business to an online business.  

  1. How do you help them? What is your message?

The second core foundation is Clarity of Message. What is it that you want to communicate and teach? What is the area of expertise that you want to share? What is the transformation you offer? Know what are your main areas of expertise (topics) and stick to delivering value to them and only those topics.  If you don’t stick to your core topics, you’ll confuse your audience and a confused mind doesn’t buy.

An example of this would be if you’re let’s say a cash mindset coach. You’ll show up giving tips, strategies and best practices for improving your cash mindset and removing blocks.  If all of a sudden you show up and start giving your audience recipes for smoothies or how to get more energy in their lives. That’s confusing. You want to stick to the pillars – the core content and messaging that you wanted to be speaking to. You’ll hear this often “the richest are in the niches.” The more niche you can become (the more focused),  the more you’re going to reach that dedicated client base you want to attract and help.   

  1. Can your clients count on you?  

The third thing is going to be Consistency. You need to be clear about what content you’re delivering and choose a schedule you can stick to. That’s consistency. It doesn’t matter if you can only show up two times a week as long as you consistently stick to that schedule.  You start to establish credibility and build relationships with your viewers. Those people are going to be looking for you, expecting you to deliver, and when you don’t show up they’re going to think you’re not serious about your business, they can’t count on you, you’re not reliable. Or worse yet, they will forget about you.

Wrap Up These 3 best practices can work for Facebook Groups (your own or others), as well as any social media platform.  Before you spend hours and hours on creating content, spend time getting clear on who you help (ICA), how you help (your message) and decide how often you’ll show up to deliver your message. I’m Veronica Sagastume, Coach and Strategist.   because I kept seeing people struggling with how to add value with what they do, in order to then attract the ideal client, I created a multiple part blog series to dive into this topic further. This is the first article dedicated to giving you some simple guidelines to share with you to start showing up like an expert right from the start.

Watch out for more tips and advice on my next two blog articles.  I’ll be sharing a lot of different strategies, some of my best practices and my favorite Pro Tips, so you can accelerate your visibility, add value and show up like the expert you are.  This is the main reason for this blog series: How To Show Up Like An Expert In Facebook Groups Quickly. An in-depth discussion on how to establish your credibility, your authority and your expertise in different Facebook groups.  See you soon!  

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